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Yoga Exercises To Help You Grow Taller Faster

Yoga Exercises To Help You Grow Taller Faster

Yoga has burst onto the exercise scene in a hurry over the past few years.

Everywhere you look there are yoga classes, videos, and information on how you can benefit from such a workout.

It is now being found that yoga exercises can actually help you grow taller faster.

Yoga is no longer just a way to improve your body and well-being.

Because of the fact that it stretches your entire body including the spine, it allows you to get the balance and strength needed to grow.

Instead of looking for medication to take or considering surgery to add inches to your height, why not do it the natural way with yoga exercises?

This type of exercise has become known for its fluid movements that help center the body.

It allows you to create flexibility while also taking control over your breaths.

What many people do not understand is how you breath can actually have an impact on whether or not you grow as well in that short breaths can stunt your growth.

How yoga will really help you grow taller faster is through the various stretches and positions you will be in.

It has a tremendous effect on your back because of the full range of motion you will be using thus allowing your body to decompress from the downward pressure of gravity.

It is this pressure that actually stunts your growth to begin with.

Through the different exercises and stretches the cartilage in your back and joints will be able to lengthen and thicken.

With this growth in the cartilage and joints, you will then be able to increase your overall height.

In addition, yoga exercises can help improve your posture which is where growing taller all begins.

With that said, let’s look at a couple of different yoga exercises you can use to grow taller faster.

The first exercise is known as Sukhasana.

By learning this exercise you will learn how to control your breathing while toning your lower back and hips better.

To start you will sit on the floor with your legs crossed and hands on your knees.

Make sure your spine is perfectly aligned and push your buttocks to the floor while lowering your knees.

From there, take 5 deep breaths and inhale while raising your arms upward over your head.

Then bring your arms down gently while exhaling and repeat this 5 to 7 times.

The other yoga exercise to practice is Trikonasana which is a bit more advanced.

You will start by standing up with your legs 3 feet apart and then rotate your left foot 90 degrees to the left and your right foot 45 degrees inward.

You will then inhale while raising your arms to the side followed by an exhale while turning your head looking down the length of your left arm.

From there you will take a deep breath and stretch toward your left ankle and tilt your left hip down.

Upon reaching your maximum stretch, rotate your arms again so the left hand is against the inside of your calf and your right arm points up.

Finally, you will inhale and straighten your body and then exhale while lowering your arms.

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Author: Katherine McDolly

Besides blog author, Katherine McDolly is also a full-time certified nutritionist and beautician in women health products

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