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Why Anybody Should Have a Daily Stretching Routine?

Why Anybody Should Have a Daily Stretching Routine?

If you want to have the flexibility of a dancer, or even just stretch for health benefits, you certainly need a daily stretching routine.

Stretching before exercise is usually best, although stretching after exercise is easier as your body is already warm, and you will be able to push yourself further.

Thus simple stretching exercises need to be performed before and after your exercise.

Even if you have loads of good stretching exercises, if you don’t follow these simple guidelines, your daily stretching routine will not be worth its full potential.

After your warm-up, good stretching exercises are perhaps the most important component of your workout routine.

Careful and concentrated, but simple stretching exercises further prepare your body for the movement ahead by increasing your natural range of motion.

Good stretching exercises will also enable you to move with greater freedom, as well as release muscular tension.

It feels great to ease your muscles into a healthy stretch.

Longer and looser muscles are also less prone to becoming injured.

Rule 1:

Relax into your stretch. It normally helps to breath deeply and stretch a little further on the exhale.

A good warm up will also help you to relax into your stretches.

Rule 2:

Stretch often, as it is most beneficial when you do it frequently and consistently.

It is best to stretch after your warm up, in-between strengthening exercises, and as part of your cool down.

Rule 3:

Hold your stretches for thirty seconds or more.

Never bounce into your stretches.

Keep all your movements in and out of your stretches slow and controlled.

Rule 4:

Be patient, as increasing your range of motion does take time.

Gradual and methodical stretching, going a little deeper each day is what will get you the results you desire.

Rule 5:

Be gentle, as forcing your muscles into a stretch is asking for an injury.

Remember your muscles are not rubber bands, but rather living fibers with memories and limits.

If a stretch starts to hurt too much, ease up and try again tomorrow.

By having a good stretching exercises and a great daily stretching routine, you will also get to know your body better and learn its limitations and in this way know what to work on.

Even simple stretching exercise done on a regular basis will have wonderful health benefits and also helps to keep you more mobile well into old age.

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Author: Katherine McDolly

Besides blog author, Katherine McDolly is also a full-time certified nutritionist and beautician in women health products

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