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What Women Should Know About Hair Loss And Breast Cancer?

What Women Should Know About Hair Loss And Breast Cancer?

As a woman, it is hard to ignore the topic.

Even if you have been only half listening, you have probably heard about the link between estrogen and breast cancer.

When you started losing your hair you probably learned it is due to DHT, the hormone opposite of estrogen.

This knowledge may have given you some comfort.

You may believe the embarrassment of losing your hair is somehow saving you from a terrifying battle with breast cancer.

This is a foolish but far too common mistake.

The truth is with every hair you lose your risk of breast cancer gets all that much higher.

DHT is a male hormone that causes your hair follicles to sicken and die.

Typically, only men have DHT.

A woman’s body is not equipped to metabolize DHT which is why even a small amount of DHT will cause hair loss.

Being a male hormone, DHT counteracts the female hormone estrogen.

However, there are many different forms of estrogen.

A woman’s body thrives on the right kind of estrogen and will deteriorate from the wrong kind of estrogen.

Blocking the good estrogen does not necessarily mean you are blocking the bad estrogen.

DHT is proven to block the good estrogen.

In fact, it is such an efficient blocker it prevents the body from ever producing good estrogen.

However, you still produce a strong, basic version of estrogen, but the DHT prevents its development into useful estrogen.

Your body is depleted of the essential hormones it needs for reproduction, healing, and healthy hair.

All that remains is a concentrated hormone which is almost toxic.

At the same time, DHT increases susceptibility to bad estrogens like those absorbed from hormone-tainted foods and contaminants in our water.

The problem is bad estrogens are unnatural.

Tissue cells which were meant to be enhanced by good estrogens are forced to adapt to the bad.

The adapting cells are prone to mutation.

When that occurs your body has created the first malignant cell of cancer.

The more bad estrogen the cell is fed, the more the malignancy will grow.

Because your breasts are part of your reproductive cycle and your reproductive cycle is very estrogen dependent, your breasts are extremely sensitive to any form of estrogen.

Since DHT has blocked all of your good estrogen, your breasts are soaking up the bad estrogen.

As quickly as DHT makes your hair fall out, it is also feeding breast cancer.

DHT is the problem, not estrogen.

The best way to reduce the risk of breast cancer is to focus on fighting DHT.

Hair Loss Black Book ReviewIn The Hair Loss Black Book, you will learn the secrets to regaining control over your hormones.

It will teach you how to increase good estrogens and stop bad estrogens by eliminating DHT from your body.

Once you restore your body to a natural, feminine state you will see amazing results on your scalp.

With every new hair that appears, you will be that much closer to a cancer-free future.

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Author: Katherine McDolly

Besides blog author, Katherine McDolly is also a full-time certified nutritionist and beautician in women health products

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