Ways To Increase Vertical Jump

Looking for ways to increase vertical jump for basketball?

I know I was a few months ago and the first thing I found out was that everyone has a different opinion on how to do this.

However, not everyone is correct.

As to why, this article is going to eradicate all the hype and provide you the most up-to-date and accurate advice.

Now you may have been told that one of the best ways to increase vertical jump height is to build up your leg muscles like crazy.

Well to an extent this will help.

But this is by no means the sole extent of increasing your jump.

Think about it.

When taking off, are you solely using nothing but your legs?

You look like a penguin if you only did this.

When you jump, you are using a whole range of body parts to maximise your jump.

You use your arms for swing and balance as well as your abdomen and a wide variety of joints such as your knees and ankles.

Therefore if you want to jump higher consistently, then you need to train all areas of your body to assist your jump.

One of the most effective ways to increase vertical jump height is therefore to incorporate a wide variety of exercises into your workout so all areas of your body are worked.

For your legs, you want to be performing high intense squats and dead lifts.

This means no more than 5 reps per set with heavy weights.

This encourages fast twitch muscle fibre growth, giving you more explosive potential.

Next you want to some bench pressing.

Again, high intensity and low reps to really increase your muscle mass.

Bench pressing will seriously work your entire upper body giving you extra strength when going up in the air!

These are some of the physical ways to increase vertical jump potential.

But if you are not aware of the science behind jumping, then you may never unlock your jump potential.

For instance, by simply altering your diet, you can increase your jump by several inches very quickly.

A high protein diet provides your body with the building blocks of muscle building which is crucial here.

I have covered a few facets here about the ways to increase vertical jump height.

But if you are not utilising all facets that contribute to increased jump potential, your results will not be significant.

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Author: Katherine McDolly

Besides blog author, Katherine McDolly is also a full-time certified nutritionist and beautician in women health products

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