Vert Shock Review

Vert Shock Review

Designed by ex-basketball professional Adam Folker, Vert Shock is the only proven 3-step jump training program that adds at least 9 to 15 inches to your vertical jump in less than 8 weeks.

According to him, this program is guaranteed is to take you from below the rim to executing your own dunks.

As evident in many of his past customers’ testimonials and his past association with several basketball legends such as the late Kobe Bryant.

However his background story was not rosy.

About The Author

Vert Shock Creator Adam FolkerWhen he was 14 years old, he was weak and had zero explosive ability.

Meaning to say he could not jump high enough to execute the dunk hits every coach will expect from their players.

That despite his tall imposing height.

Because of this, he was often an unused substitute despite being involved in most trainings and events.

When his girlfriend came for his game but did not see him play, he was very devastated but determined to succeed and prove everyone wrong.

So over the next 6 months, he invested many hours into researching everything he wants to know about vertical jump training.

But despite trying everything he could, he failed repeatedly.

But something turned around for him one night.

And what proved to be a critical difference between his program and other competitors online.

Somewhere in a certain website, he found a link to a scientific journal study that says that athletes can improve their strength and explosiveness while working to become more agile in as little as 6 weeks.

At first he was skeptical but having failed many times before, he saw no harm in giving it another try.

And discovered he can really improve his vertical jump by up to 9 to 15 inches in less than 8 weeks.

Now this method was actually invested by Russian sports scientist Dr Verkhoshansky in late 1960s.

It was called Shock to provide his countrymen an unfair advantage in Olympic high jump events.

Workouts that targeted these elastic fibers that enable athletes to achieve extraordinary results in their vertical jump.

And allowed his country to reign as champions for 4 consecutive tournaments.

How did they do is exactly what Adam is going to share in his program.

What His Program Is About

Vert Shock ReviewThis is basically an online learning and training program for you to increase your vertical jump effectively and safely.

Without any intense workouts, warmups and even lifting heavy weights.

Rather it is designed to target your max vertical jump by activating your elastic fibers.

What His Program Comprises Of And How You Benefit?

There are only 3 steps in his program.

As in Pre-Shock, Shock and Post-Shock phases.

1. Pre-Shock Phase

During the first 7 days of going through the program, you will be introducing your body to the unique movement patterns and exercises.

Which are centered around jumping combined with precise sets and reps

This initial phase and first step is designed to get your body ready to soar.

2. The Shock Phase

This is really designed to push the limits.

Here Adam’s teachings will elevate your body into jumping higher than you ever thought possible.

And where the real magic begins.

All you need is to train just 3 days per week for a total of 40 minutes per session.

Each of your movements will carefully target those neglected elastic fibers.

Along with first phase, you will be spending 6 weeks on this.

3. The Post Shock Phase

This is the final step.

Where everything you learned in phase 1 and 2 will be tested and executed in 1 full motion.

For this, you will train 4 days a week for an approximate 30 minutes per session.

After which, you will feel lighter and stronger in your legs and jumping.

All in all, you are getting access to training videos, worksheets and other resources behind his step-by-step workout plan that will have you dunking in less than 8 weeks.

They are easy to follow along and apply to achieve best results.

Other than the main program, you are also getting these free bonuses as Adam’s way of thanking you for taking up his offer as customer.

1. The 4 Vertical Jump Killers

The 4 Vertical Jump Killers

No matter how well or hard you train, these 4 jump killers will sabotage your chances of success.

Chances are you could be doing any of those now.












2. The 5 Dirty Secrets To Jumping Higher

The 5 Dirty Secrets To Jumping HigherTraining, technique and targeting the right muscle fibers are all critical.

Inside this free bonus, Adam will spill the beans of 5 of another basketball professional Justin Darlington’s tricks.

He will also send you weekly emails to make sure you stay on track.

As well as addressing any questions and problems you may have in the process of going through and implementing what you learn from the program.









4. The Jumper’s Diet Checklist

Weekly Check-InsThis checklist will provide you with what you need to eat everyday to ensure your body gets maximum jump results from this program.













5. NBA Jump Secrets Revealed

The Jumper's Diet ChecklistInside this free bonus module, you will discover

– the MCV secret to instantly increase your vertical jump by changing your approach velocity,

– a simple but effective launch pad secret to 10x your power transfer during takeoff

– why you must always pull yourself towards the ground before you jump








Plus all these extras as well.

Vert Shock Review

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