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Types Of Brown Spots – The Skin Problem

Types Of Brown Spots - The Skin Problem

Brown spots are one most annoying skin problems.

Even though they are not painful and cause just a visual discomfort, the effects on the patient’s self-esteem can be quite severe.

Especially for those who desperately want a clean, spotless skin.

Yet, these spots can be treated. Laser technology, bleaching creams and exfoliation are only some of the treatments which can get you rid of this problem.

But before actually starting a treatment you must understand what the cause of these dark spots was, so that you can combine the surface treatment with an internal one, if needed.

Having said that, below are the most common causes according to the factors triggering them:

1. Sun

Sun is the main factor triggering dark spots.

For many people often complain about dark spots appearing after exposure to sun.

Especially extroverts, sports and outdoor adventures fanatics

This is mainly because on the patches of skin excessively exposed to sun rays the production of melanin increases significantly.

In some areas the damage is so bad that the brown spots remain permanently on the skin.

For this reason it is highly important to protect the skin from the damaging action of the solar rays.

Use hats to cover your head and face as well as high SPF lotions to create a screen between the solar rays and the skin.

Use protection no matter if you are taking a walk in the park, go shopping or lie on the beach.

2. Age

Aging comes with specific signs.

Wrinkles, brown spots and white hair are only some of these.

If you cannot stop your hair from being white.

Unless you color it, you can make the brown spots go away.

Or at least diminish their frequency and their intense color by specific treatments (bleaching or exfoliation).

Also, drinking about 8 glasses of water and having a balanced diet will postpone the apparition of brown spots and will diminish their size and intensity.

3. Hormonal Imbalances

Not all the factors triggering brown spots are external.

Moreover, many of the people having to deal with these spots on their skin complain about hormonal imbalances.

Indeed, hormonal imbalances can cause dark spots.

Also, treatments with estrogen and pregnancy are also possible causes of hyperpigmentation.

As you can see, the causes of brown spots and hyperpigmentation are multiple.

Thus, make sure you know exactly what the factor which has triggered your skin problem is before you treat it, so that you know exactly how to approach it.

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Author: Katherine McDolly

Besides blog author, Katherine McDolly is also a full-time certified nutritionist and beautician in women health products

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