The Truth About Fast Weight Loss

Everyone wants to get the fat off as quickly as possible.

Having that desire is not wrong for it is simply human nature to look and feel great.

But patience is what most lacked.

Like the Federal Trade Commission said, what we see in ads these days are mostly exaggerated claims with companies intent to profit as much as possible.

Another bigger problem is that fast weight loss will not last.

Meaning even if you lose weight, there is no guarantee that you will be slim forever.

So long as you live in city or town where food is abundant and since we all love food again by human nature, we tend to grow fat again.

My point is what really matters is not how much weight you lose.

But how much fat you lose.

Have you asked yourself where your weight loss came from.

Did you lose body fat or lean body mass?

Weight is not the same as fat.

For it includes muscle, bone, internal organs and lots of water…

Do Not Be Fooled By Water Weight Losses

Another matter you should realize is that it is very common to lose 3 – 5 pounds in the first week on nearly any diet and exercise program.

Especially low carb diets which deplete glycogen.

Now every gram of glycogen holds 3 grams of water.

Just remember that water loss is not fat loss and only temporary.

The only way to know if you actually lose fat is with body composition testing.

For home body fat self-testing, I recommend the Accu-Measure Skinfold Caliper as first choice.

Even better, get a multi site skinfold caliper test from an experienced tester at a health club, or even an underwater or air displacement test.

From literally hundreds of client case studies, I can confirm that it is rare to lose more than 2 to 3 lbs of weight per week without losing some muscle along with it.

If you lose muscle, you are damaging your metabolism,

Which will lead to a plateau and ultimately to weight relapse.

The Biggest Weight Loss Mistake That Is Fatal To Your Long-Term Success

Lack of patience is among the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to losing body fat.

If you want to lose fat and not muscle, you have to take off the pounds slowly and not quickly.

This is among the toughest lessons that overweight men and women have to face.

You also have these TV shows that encouraging the masses that rapid crash weight loss is okay.

Which the producers ought to be ashamed of since that is not true.

The rapid weight loss being promoted by the media for the sake of ratings and profits makes it even harder for legitimate fitness and nutrition professionals to prove people wrong.

On the positive side, here are my tips.

Do It The Right And Healthy Way

Take off pounds slowly, and steadily with a sensible lifestyle program.

About the Author:

Tom VenutoTom Venuto is the author of Burn the Fat, lifetime natural bodybuilder and fat loss expert who achieved an astonishing 3.7% body fat level without drugs or supplements.

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Author: Katherine McDolly

Besides blog author, Katherine McDolly is also a full-time certified nutritionist and beautician in women health products

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