The Power Of Late-Night Snacking

You are staring at your computer screen with weary eyes.

Dinner has come and gone but that oh-so=familiar beast we call Hunger has reeled its damn head again.

But you cannot snack after 8 right?

That is weight loss rule number one by most experts.

Or is it?

Are those experts really experts or so-called because they want to make money as their other agenda besides setting that rule?

To eradicate all these, what I am about to share with you here is some helpful truth for such situation.

They may not be entirely what you like but need to read.

There is an ironic flipside to my mostly honorable label of Liz Swann Miller – Weight Loss Expert.

I must strictly resign myself to the continuous expectation the general public attributes to the title that I have it together.

From what I discovered so far, Liz will never gain excessive weight nor give in to that looming golden M on the highway.

Since she does not snack late at night, how does she do what most people failed?

Before answering that question, let me tell you my back story secret which is more or less the same as hers.

She used to struggle, feels the exact temptations you feel and resists the exact pulls you have been trying to.

As an entrepreneur, I often need to remind myself not only to pursue a healthier lifestyle in order to fulfil what I want to accomplish in career, hobbies and lifestyle but being able to live longer and staying healthy.

However the temptation for me, is at its worst late at night, during that time when I am supposed to be call it a day for eating and have a good night rest.

My hunger keeps bugging me through my growling stomach. I feel empty and just wanting to eat anything.

Which I should be in the morning like most people but simply cannot.

Firstly, it is important to note that hunger is a basic survival instinct and we must be grateful for it.

The fact that it exists is an amazing feat in itself.

Do not be ashamed.

Just know how to apprease the beast.

There are those who claim the most effective diets are those which have you eating only 2 meals a day and drinking water for the rest.

I strongly encourage you to ignore those methods as they are not sustainable and do not work for everybody.

The secret rather is snacking.

And I do not mean digging around in a bag of chips and licking the salt off your fingers.

Believe me, we have all been there in our childhood, teenage and youth days.

Rather I mean pouring yourself a bowl of organic nuts, blueberries or frozen peas.

Be creative but at the same time use common sense of factoring in all the essential nutrients and the right amount in moderation.

But let us now talk about late-night snack.

Actually if you do your due research, you will soon discover how simple it really is if you know the right choices out there rather listening to anyone’s advice.

Such as a cup of tea.

Now do not underestimate those 3 words.

But unlike other drinks, you do not drink just before bedtime.

But rather in the period after your dinner and before you sleep.

About 2 to 3 hours.

My go-to is the always delicious and sufficient red tea. 

For it satisfies my hunger itch and at the same time, leaving me feeling clean, calm and revitalized, primarily due to its detoxifying properties.

Best of all, it is caffeine free.

So do not fear, you will not be bouncing from the walls.

After my extensive studies around fat-burning solutions, the myths and answers, I created this tea with ingredients selected carefully for late-night carvings and overall weight loss.

The benefits are endless but the solution is simple.

Set yourself a challenge, I will be right there with you.

Ditch the chips, ice cream and the guilty pleasure of cheese blocks.

Red Tea Detox ReviewGet the kettle bubbling and pour yourself a steaming mug of Red Tea Detox. 

I guarantee you will fall in love with the taste and late-night carvings will be a beast of the past.

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Author: Katherine McDolly

Besides blog author, Katherine McDolly is also a full-time certified nutritionist and beautician in women health products

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