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Suggestions For Increased Vertical Jump

Suggestions For Increased Vertical Jump

What if you could jump like the great basketball player Michael Jordan from the American basketball team?

He has created over million records well-linked to his name because of his great ability of leaping high and just because of this ability he got his nicknames as Air Jordan and His Airiness.

Though it is not part of your imagination, you can really feel what he feels.

But as it is always said if you believe in yourself, then only someone can help you.

Jumping high is among the most essential techniques help players elevate to next level in sports.

Such as basketball, netball, soccer, volleyball and even track and field competitions.

Athletes can also benefit from this jumping ability.

If someone is having problem with jumping high, it can be easily solved.

What you need to do is simply follow some regular exercises and just learn how to increase your vertical jump higher.

It may not be as fast as you may think of but surely it is going to help you in the process of making high jumps as you used to think in your dreams only.

Now, here goes some steps that are easy to follow and can help a lot in increasing the vertical jump.

Steps To Increase Leaping Ability

The very first step of doing anything is to understand the aspects of that.

And leaping high is an ability which needs a light body and powerful too.

So at the beginning what you have to do is loose your extra weight.

Losing weight does not mean to have zero size. It just means to reduce the excess fat out of your body.

Because a round tummy is not going to help you to jump high.

Another important part is to be powerful.

Power itself can be divided into speed and strength.

Speed can be increased by training your nervous system to respond more wisely and quickly.

Strength can be enhanced by non-stop training and usually with the help of heavy weights.

It also plays a magnificent role in increasing your vertical jump.

When we are talking about vertical jump it becomes necessary to know about which muscles takes part in vertical jumping.

Some myths are that basically quadriceps participates in that but in fact the posterior chain including glutes, hamstrings, core and hips helps us to have a high jump.

Some part is also played by the calves, shoulders and lats but basically what helps to jump high is the muscular part in and around our upper legs.

The various exercises in gym that can help to make the above-mentioned muscles stronger are squat and dead lift.

Practicing these exercises regularly can even lead a lay man to jump more efficiently.

We need to concentrate more on our weaknesses than on our stronger parts.

As well as identifying the proper balance in our body muscles to prevent from the injuries and for increasing leaping ability.

A man who is weak but still have the spirit to do something to explore something can improve his ability by increasing his strengths.


The exercises should not be done without the proper guidance and not more than 3-4 days.

Over training may leave you with bad impacts on your body system so better avoid it.

Do not work out for the whole day.

Have a planned schedule and just regularly follow it.

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Author: Katherine McDolly

Besides blog author, Katherine McDolly is also a full-time certified nutritionist and beautician in women health products

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