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Bow legs are a common enough condition even in our modern world, despite the fact that so many disorders and conditions can be easily treated by modern medicine.

For a long time, doctors would tell people suffering from bow legs that their condition was treatable only through surgery.

In reality, however, modern advances in physiotherapy have made treatment of the condition a very real option.

To learn how to treat bow legs, we first need to take a quick look at how the condition can be caused.

How Bow Legs Develop

No matter how pronounced or subtle your bow legs may be, one crucial thing to keep in mind is that treatment should always be started as quickly as possible.

A great many children are born with bow legs, but this is only to be expected as conditions can be quite cramped in a mother’s womb!

For most people, however, the bow legs that they experience as a child tend to straighten out fairly quickly.

The exceptions to this rule are the rare cases where bow legs may persevere into adulthood.

Either as a result of malnutrition, disease or else as a result of some bone fracture or break that occurred during childhood.

Sometimes, bow legs can occur in young children if they are put into walkers before they are ready to walk.

Because their soft leg bones aren’t yet ready to bear the child’s weight, they may bend outwards into a bowed shape.

Rickets is another major cause of bow legs, and the disease is usually underpinned by a Vitamin D deficiency.

If detected early enough, rickets can easily be cured, causing bowed legs to return to normal.

In most instances, however, a more complex approach to straightening bow legs is necessary.

This will often require not only physical exercise but also some element of medication or supplementation.

Using Yoga Exercises To Straighten Bow Legs

Straightening bow legs involves more than just special exercises for the legs, it actually involves exercising your entire body.

This is because bow legs cannot be straightened until your body’s posture is corrected.

And this is exactly where Yoga comes in.

Yoga exercises and postures are perfectly suited to correcting your body’s posture, after which a course of physical training is usually sufficient to straighten your bow legs.

It may be helpful to know that Yoga straps are an accessory that can be wrapped around your legs for support if you need it when you’re doing the exercise.

As you tighten the straps, you will be helping to straighten your bow legs.

And by slowly increasing the tightness of the straps over a period of about 3 months, you will be well on your way to straightening them completely.

Weights Are An Excellent Way To Correct Bow Legs

You should be able to find a wide range of weights on straps available online that are designed to be attached to your ankles.

An example of an exercise you can do with ankle weights begins by strapping a pair of these weights to your legs.

First, sit with your back against a wall and your legs stretched out in front.

Slowly raise one leg some inches off the floor and hold it there.

Then slowly lower it to the ground and repeat the exercise with your other leg.

You will need to do at least 10 repetitions of this at a time.

Finally you need to do this exercise at least twice a day to enjoy the best results from it.

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