Is Surgery the Only Way?

You might be surprised to hear that bow legs can be cured without surgical intervention.

All you need are the right exercises to strengthen your leg muscles and make them more supportive.

Doing these exercises can make real differences to the alignment of your legs in a way that is immediately apparent.

And over time, your bow legs can be almost completely straightened.

Straightening Bow Legs In Children

Straightening bow legs is easiest in children because the ends of their bones are not sealed and the bones themselves are more flexible.

Therapeutic massages can be an excellent way to straighten bow legs in a child and virtually any physical therapist will be trained in the necessary techniques.

When you choose massage, a therapist will manipulate your child’s legs forward and back gently for a certain amount of time, so that they carry out specific movements.

As your child grows, a treatment of this sort can be very effective in helping their legs to straighten out gradually.

If you like to massage a child with bow legs yourself, a simple exercise involves laying your child on his back and gently grasping a leg to fold and straighten it.

Remember to be very gentle at all times!

First, raise one of his legs, and gently move his knee upwards so it comes close to his chest, then straighten the leg again.

The movement is very similar to knee bends.

Remember not to place undue pressure on his knee joint.

This can be effective if done gently several times a day over an extended period of time for the best results.


Yoga is an excellent way to cure bow legs in adults, as the whole system is geared towards moving your body while increasing the flexibility of your torso and limbs.

A person with bow legs may have a little difficulty at first with executing yoga poses, but yoga straps can be used to help you carry out the postures correctly.

To start with, bind your legs with yoga straps.

Doing this will helps your legs grow stronger, and can also begin to correct their bow-shape.

Now execute simple yoga poses.

The forward bend is helpful, but so is the special yoga push-up.

A competent yoga instructor will be able to help with useful yoga poses and give advice that will help you straighten your bow legs.

Exercises To Make The Legs Stronger

You will be surprised at how much leg-strengthening exercises can help straighten bow legs.

While bow legs in youth may be caused by disease or malnutrition, the condition often persists over time as a result of incorrect posture.

Exercises to strengthen the body, and especially the legs, can work wonders in correcting the condition.

As your muscles grow stronger, your body will be placing less strain upon your leg joints, and this, in turn, will help to improve and correct bow legs.

Many of the most helpful exercises are also very simple to do, and the following is a great example.

First, lie back on a bench in the gym, and hold a ten-pound weight with both of your feet.

Now, bending your legs, drag the weight towards your lower torso, then push it away again.

Repeat this several times on a regular basis, and after a little while, you should be able to see a marked straightening of your legs.

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Author: Katherine McDolly

Besides blog author, Katherine McDolly is also a full-time certified nutritionist and beautician in women health products

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