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How Non-Natural Teeth Bleaching Methods Cause Gum Irritation?

How Non-Natural Teeth Bleaching Methods Cause Gum Irritation?

Gum irritation is a byproduct of teeth whitening that is done incorrectly.

This can happen when you use an at home bleaching kit or even when you visit a dentist for a cosmetic bleaching if the dentist is not paying close enough attention.

Gum irritation is quite common after teeth bleaching but most of the time the damage isn’t permanent. It is painful and ugly however.

This can take anywhere from a week to a month to heal depending on the severity of the irritation.

Why It Happens

Gum irritation, burns, and blisters are all due to the bleaching gel used to whiten teeth coming in contact with the gums.

When you use a DIY teeth bleaching kit the trays that the kit comes with are not made specifically for your mouth.

Because they are not custom made they will not fit tightly enough to prevent the whitening gel from coming in contact with your gums.

When you leave the gel on for a long period of time to whiten your teeth that gel is also irritating and burning your gums at the same time.

When a dentist does a bleaching procedure they usually take the time to fit the bleaching tray to your mouth to prevent gum irritation.

But sometimes the tray still is not tight enough.

Or the dentist gets some of the gel on the gums as well as on the teeth before a laser bleaching.

The gel can turn the gums white and can cause blisters and burns that can make talking, eating or drinking very painful.

What To Do About It

If you want to avoid the possibility of bleaching your teeth causing gum irritation do not use at home bleaching kits that use chemical bleaching gels.

Applying Vitamin E to irritated or burned gums will help them heal faster.

And when you want to whiten your teeth, choose a natural teeth whitening product that will not hurt your gums and still give you bright white teeth.

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Author: Katherine McDolly

Besides blog author, Katherine McDolly is also a full-time certified nutritionist and beautician in women health products

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