Cinderella Solution Review

Cinderella Solution ReviewCarly DonovanDesigned by Carly Donovan, Cinderella Solution is her online fat loss program teaching women how to eliminate their unwanted fats once and for all with the same 2-step approach she used.

The idea came in her darkest day when she was piling on 84 pounds of fat.

In the hours that followed, she was plagued by almost daily episodes of piercing anxiety, shame and hopelessness while consumed by guilt that she was letting everybody around her down.

It was only when she was hospitalized for serious weight problem treatment, she discovered a breakthrough that not only restored her figure but saved her life.

Scientists called this the weight loss doubling molecule that laid dominant inside the even most stubborn female metabolism.

That is why her family, friends and even her doctor were absolutely shocked when this sequence not only ended her years of battle with fats and depression but compelled her body to initiate a 22-hour-a-day fat burning sequence that grew stronger with each passing day.

And what she is about to share in her latest program called Cinderella Solution.

What Is Her Program About?

Cinderella Solution ReviewHer program is designed for women fed up with tedious calorie counting and difficult meal plans that have to be followed religiously.

What happens in real life is that such a systematic approach turns people off whatever diet they are on and eventually quit.

However, the Cinderella Solution provides a new method for losing weight that allows you to achieve your fat loss goals in a natural and simpler way.

It is a method that draws inspiration from the diet habits of countries such as Spain or Japan, where people exhibit leaner bodies without a care for calorie counting.

This program is suitable for women who want to try a healthy and easy-to-stick-to way to lose weight, without the negative effects associated with temporary diets and yo-yo-like weight rebounds.

How Can You Benefit From Her Program?

Through PDF manuals and video tutorials, Cinderella Solution offers and easy to start and simple to follow cure –

Using Flavor-Pairing rituals that hit the reset-switch on your metabolisms 3 key fat-burning hormones.

1. PDF Main Manual

The old 76-page eBook manual has been expanded to 93 pages.

It contains improved information on weight loss hormones and female metabolism.

The theory part of the plan with lists of foods and food combos taken from healthy countries where being over weight is less of an issue.

2. Quick Start Guide

The old 17-page booklet has been expanded to 52 pages.

This is a much richer guide to help you start implementing the system right away without going through all the theory first, which you can always read later.

This new quick start guide includes all of the recipes you need.

3. The Movement Sequencing Guide

The optional workout part of the program, a 30-page manual with exercises to be done in a specific order.

Each exercise described with a link to its relative video tutorial for better grasping.

No need for gym memberships or home gyms: a pair of dumbbell and a yoga mat will do the job.

4. Food Lover’s Recipe Playbook

The old manual was a 98-page manual describing the very same foods and meal plans the author used for her own 84 lbs weight loss as well as extra bonus recipes.

The new Food Lover’s Recipe guide is an improved version of the previous nutrition manual with extra recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Plus a 22-page dessert recipe manual.

Note this is an extra, the standard quick start guide included in the program already includes all the recipes you need.

5. Workout Video Library

Connected to the movement sequencing guide through an online page, these exercise video tutorials have been increased from 50 to 60.

The New Cinderella Solution Accelerator

This is probably the best of the new components of the updated Cinderella Solution, which is being offered for free.

This is the distillation of the most successful and fastest weight loss case-studies of the Cinderella Solution program and it reveals the steps these ladies followed to achieve their results.

The idea behind this new component is to offer new customers the same blueprint that these successful women followed in order to achieve the same results, fast.

All these ladies did something that gave their metabolisms a boost in the first 3 weeks of the program, leading to consistent results.

The Cinderella Solution Accelerator is basically a short-cut, or a Master Plan, to the most effective way to use the Cinderella Solution guidelines.

Particularly in regard to the first 3 weeks.

This new addition to the program uses the most effective and easy ways to prepare meals, effectively speeding up the the way to a new, slimmer and lighter body.

The new Cinderella Solution Accelerator package is free and included in the program, and it includes:

1. The 21-day Kick-Start Nutrition Guide

2. The Accelerator Main Manual

3. The Accelerator Movement Sequencing Book

The Movement Sequencing Book is particularly useful for women who also want to workout as part of an effective weight loss strategy.

They are not compulsory.

But these 8-minute home workouts are designed specifically for women who want to lose weight faster than simply by following the nutritional guidelines.

However, while not compulsory, these sequences are recommended by the author as gentle routines to faster results.

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