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Bluish Enamel Is An Adverse Effect Of Teeth Bleaching

Bluish Enamel Is An Adverse Effect Of Teeth Bleaching

Many things that can go wrong with your teeth when at home bleaching kits are used.

Sometimes cosmetic dental whitening can cause problems too, but the most severe damage to teeth is usually done by at home whitening kits.

That is because people do not always use those kits correctly and because they don’t realize how damaging the whitening gel can be to their teeth and gums.

Some of the problems that can occur when home bleaching kits are used too often include sensitivity, gum irritation, and bluish enamel around the edges of teeth.

Seeing bluish colored enamel on teeth is a sign of a very serious problem.

What Bluish Enamel Means

It is common for teeth and gums that come into contact with whitening gel to appear white.

But if you notice that the enamel on your teeth has a bluish tint that means that the dentin of your teeth is exposed.

Dentin is the bony tissue that lies under the enamel on a tooth.

If you are seeing bluish colored tissue on your tooth that means that bleaching has destroyed the enamel on that tooth.

Once that enamel has been destroyed there is no way to replace it.

Enamel is there to protect the dentin and the pulp of your tooth.

So if the enamel is gone it means that your tooth is at risk of damage, infection and you may eventually lose it.

How Bleaching Causes Bluish Enamel

Bleaching the teeth with at home kits makes it easy for people to make mistakes.

Leaving the gel on too long or using the whitening kit too often will wear away the enamel on the tooth.

Even if you think you are following all the directions correctly there is a good chance that the tray that is supposed to fit over the teeth will not fit correctly because it is not custom made for your mouth.

If you are using whitening strips the strips may not be on correctly or you might leave them on too long.

A natural whitening solution is a better choice because it will not destroy your enamel but will give you a brighter and whiter smile.

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Author: Katherine McDolly

Besides blog author, Katherine McDolly is also a full-time certified nutritionist and beautician in women health products

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