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5 Simple Tips That Will Help You in Jumping Higher Vertically

5 Simple Tips That Will Help You in Jumping Higher Vertically

Everyone who is committed in sports that involve jumping dreams of having high vertical jumping abilities.

There are actually many jump training programs available in fitness centres and even online but you need to consider the training programs that suite you best.

First you need to identify your strong and weak points because there are easy and difficult training packages.

Sports such as basketball, volleyball and football require having high vertical jumping skills, imagine how you can jump high and be one step ahead among your opponents.

This gives you greater chance of dunking baskets in basketball, hit spikes in volleyball and touchdown in football.

Keep reading this article because I will share 5 simple tips that helped me a lot in my quest on achieving high jumps.

1. Develop Strong Leg Muscles

First you need to obtain strong leg muscles in order to jump really high.

Having strong leg muscles allows you to have the power to get you high off the ground.

You can develop good strong leg muscles by doing leg exercises such as: leg press, lunges, toe raises, skipping rope and sprinting.

Look for specific instructions on how to do these exercises properly online.

2. Stretching

Make it to a point to do stretching before and after doing training exercises because you relax your muscles and allow your body to be more flexible.

Stretching also reduces risk of having muscles injuries.

I suggest you do 15 minutes of stretching daily.

3. Strengthen Your Upper Body

Not only you target to have strong leg muscles you also need to have workout training for your upper body.

When our body starts working it creates a chain reaction and then all of our body parts start to perform the work.

In your goal of having high vertical jumps, you need to strengthen your abdominals, arms and back to help your legs jump higher.

Weightlifting is also a good way to strengthen upper body muscles.

4. Proper Nutrition And Diet

Another important aspect you need to consider in jumping high is your diet.

You need the correct food nutrients to maintain your body figure and jump high.

People who are able to eat light and train well can easily increase their vertical jump because they are able to maintain their weight.

You need to consider these because if you do not control your diet, you will need to loosen excess fats and train harder to increase your vertical jump.

5. Do Not Limit Yourself

You know have the idea on how to do leg exercises, stretching, control your diet and strengthen your body.

In your goal of having high hops you need to remember not to limit yourself.

But keep on practicing and experiment on different jumping styles that you can do when you are playing basketball, football and volleyball.

This way, you get to practice different jumping styles and apply them when you perform.

Remember that practice makes your skills permanent no one can take it away from you.

In conclusion, these are 5 simple tips you can use during your training.

There are a lot of training materials available online that can provide you better jump training materials and vertical jump programs.

Start searching the internet and learn more about these products.

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Author: Katherine McDolly

Besides blog author, Katherine McDolly is also a full-time certified nutritionist and beautician in women health products

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